Your New Favorite Basement Restoration Company!

At JJ Basement & Yards, we are always happy to do everything in our power to accommodate your needs! We are a skilled and very hardworking crew of professionals at your utmost disposal just about anywhere in the area of the city and Reston, VA! We deal with general basement restoration and water damage work for commercial and residential properties alike!

Why choose us?

All who hire us can benefit from having a skilled collective of water damage service providers at their disposal when things go sour! We are at the utmost disposal of all our clients in the community, no matter how tough or simple their projects may be! We have both the skill and just the right equipment to accommodate your needs and leave you a happy property owner!

Superb water damage service

Why place your trust in our crew?

We make sure we accommodate all of our clients for the trust they place in our water damage service! Our team is not one to disappoint, and so we never do! Always giving 100% of our ability towards your satisfaction is an ever-present aspect of our work, so you can expect it from us at all times! No matter how big or small the job may be or seem to be, we’ve got you covered!

With the water drainage and basement restoration experts at JJ Basement & Yards, you can rest assured you are in great hands! We have been proudly serving the area of Reston, VA and the city for many years, and we plan to serve for many more! Call us today at (703) 214-2405 to set up an appointment with us!


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