We Are Your Reliable Water Damage Restoration Experts in Reston, VA

Water damage is one of the most common problems that most homeowners dread. The fixing process can be messy and it can cost a lot of damage to your property if left untreated. However, it’s important that you call a professional after there is a water leak in your pipes or after a storm. For one, JJ Basement & Yards is the professional water leak inspector in Reston, VA that will help you in the water damage restoration process


With 25 years of servicing residents on water damage restoration, our knowledge and expertise in this field have led us to do our job the right away easy way. We have a wide array of top brand tools and equipment, ranging from pumps, slide hammers, to moisture mapping meters, at our disposal. Utilizing these will definitely give you a good run for your money, as well as the peace of mind.


Our professional erosion specialists work quickly and accurately in detecting any signs of water damage in your landscape, garden, and lawn. Most especially when you have a retaining wall or a slope in your backyard. On the other hand, our reliable patio service provider will see to it that your patio won’t get flooded easily during a heavy rain or when you there’s a leak in your sprinklers. Speaking of landscaping, our hardscaping services is beneficial to you, ensuring the functionality and efficiency of your floors and pathways in the garden. JJ Basement & Yards is the company in Reston, VA that will keep your yard beautiful and safe!


One of the most unnoticed structures of your house is the foundation. And if there is frequent flooding in your house, our foundation waterproofing service experts will keep your floor and concrete slabs beneath the house safe and secure. We use thermal imaging for signs of moisture penetration. You can also take advantage of our basement waterproofing service to ensure that your cellar is always dry and moist-free.

If you’re looking for leaky basement solutions and water damage restoration services in Reston, VA, JJ Basement & Yards is the company that you can trust. We provide our services at an affordable rate that’s hard to resist while maintaining the quality of our work. Call us right now at (703) 214-2405 for urgent water damage restoration needs. We also reach out to the residents of .


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