Steps Which The Professional Water Damage Service Contractor Will Take


Having a basement in your home can be beneficial. It provides you with means of storing various items as well as extra space which you can use as an extra room. Yet, there can be times when unexpected situations lead to the area becoming flooded. This leads to severe damage to the area and endangers your home, especially the foundation and electrical system. In such cases, you should consider contacting a professional restoration provider in Reston, VA. What should you expect when scheduling a water damage restoration service?

Locating and stopping the source

The first step which the professional provider will take includes locating and stopping the source of the flood. In most cases, the cause of such accidents is burst plumbing pipes. Such issues occur when the material has weakened due to age or freezing. Once the source is located, the provider will proceed to remove it by repairing the breach. Next, they will create the restoration plan based on the type of harm and its extent. During the formulation, the provider will photograph the damage so it can be used as proof for your insurance company.

Beginning the process of restoration

Once the plan is complete, the water damage service provider will proceed with restoration. This step includes removing all water using dehumidifiers and moisture extraction equipment. Also, they will remove the carpeting and other wet materials and determine which can be saved and repaired. They will mend as much of the items as possible. Once all excess moisture has been removed, the provider will disinfect the area.

Drying the area and assessing the risk of mold

Once all water is removed and the area is disinfected, the provider will proceed to dry your basement. For the task, they will use air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the amount of absorbed water. This process can take several days based on the extent of the flooding. The contractor will also assess if there is mold which should be treated to avoid health problems and further structural damage.

What does the process of basement restoration include? There are several steps which this process involves. If you would like to learn about these actions, contact a professional provider such as JJ Basement & Yards.


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